About EmbTrans

A bit of history...

In 2009, the foundation for Embtrans was laid out as 'Embtrans- Embedded Electronics Platform'. The Knowledge Hub [Blog, Forum and Projects Showcase] for engineering trades especially Electrical and Embedded Electronics Engineering. In 2012 January, Embtrans took a shape of freelancer crew providing engineering projects services, then few months later registered and started working as company. The company started out by supplying instruments, engineering products, small machinery, providing local and multinationals with customized I.T., and Engineering  Solutions & Services.

Our entrepreneurship has a single vision to introduce Embtrans as a technology hub for the local and international market. Our leadership is committed to provide a platform to incubate hi-tech products, and to attract foreign venture capital to enter Pakistan's market. We would like to usher boldly into the export market by branding our products with international compliance and modern gadgetry. Our joys will know no bounds to see Embtrans as a major hi-tech exporting company. We strongly believe that someday Embtrans will be recognized as a gateway to export hi-tech engineering products to the world. This aim can only be achieved if we cover our local vertical markets first. Embtrans is not only aimed to provide solutions and services but we also believe in educating our people and empower our local talent.

“The core competence @ EmbTrans is to adopt a continuous change & to implement the latest technology for YOU.”

Why Embtrans?...

The reasons to choose EmbTrans as your solutions and services providers.

  • EmbTrans will offer your Company low cost alternative as compared to your in-house design staff. The engineering and R & D team members are focused to work with customers who are looking to outsource their design, development & prototyping jobs to become competitive in their respective vertical market.
  • EmbTrans is committed to keep low development & maintenance costs, because our Cost Effective Solution Group works closely with solutions, services, products and systems development team.
  • EmbTrans' solutions and services develop under highly Quality Management System, determined to improve solutions, systems, product and services quality.
  • EmbTrans specializes in making the bottom line cost of each unit as low as possible for your Company to become competitive in the market.
  • EmbTrans can also offer complete technical documentation and material specifications.
  • EmbTrans has a rock solid background in designing products from concept to completion; including metal fabrication.
  • EmbTrans when comes to designing any circuit logic applies the theory of, "KISS " keep it short & simple".
  • EmbTrans selects right components and designs the right logic to offer highest possible design quality.
  • EmbTrans specializes in services with small quantity pilot production runs.
  • EmbTrans is also well positioned to manufacture large volumes at low costs.
  • EmbTrans is focused to improve your existing design.
  • EmbTrans strongly believe in support after sales.

Team @ Embtrans

Our team is made up of talented, aggressive, goal oriented professionals, who can gravitate to customer needs, and offer them cost-effective solutions to their corporate issues. EmbTrans is unique in a way that our service encompasses various vertical markets ranging from small business to conglomerate corporate culture.

EmbTrans’ continuous quest for excellence has compelled our team members to become agile to ever changing technology of today and tomorrow. Hence, the problem solution at EmbTrans is nothing short of engineering prodigy. EmbTrans’ marveled training program has resulted with team members who are very well versed in solving problems at cost effective rates. So, it is not just solving problems which has made EmbTrans team is very popular in the industry, rather, EmbTrans has gained an higher latitude by solving problems for our clients in cost effective manner.

Our team members painstakingly evaluate every single issue of the project to offer a solution to our clients, which is based upon four major groups

  • Superior Design Management Group
  • Cost Effective Solution Group
  • Deliverables Management: Under Time-Line Group
  • Quality System Analysis (QSA): Under QMS Group

Alliance and Affiliations

At Embtrans, we value the relationships that we have with our channel partners and alliance. It is thanks to our best-in-class integrator and alliances who possess in-depth experience and knowledge of Engineering, I.T Solutions & Services, that we are able to provide innovative solutions and services around the world.

Committed to continually support our partners, the Embtrans Channel Partner & Alliance Program acknowledges outstanding performance, experience and loyalty of their Alliances.

Interested in applying for EmbTrans’ Channel Partner & Alliance Program? Please call EmbTrans’ Alliance administration department at (+92)21.349.474704; (+92).331.235.7707. Skype: embtrans or email us at alliance@embtrans.com. We will clearly outline the steps involved in applying for the program and answer any questions you have.