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HVACR and Piping

A properly designed and installed air and ventilation system will reduce your facility’s energy consumption and provide a more comfortable environment, with the highest possible indoor air quality.

Our HVACR and piping division is comprised of professionals with extensive experience. Embtrans designs, builds, and installs complete systems for industrial and commercial customers.  From exhaust and dust collection to humidification and dehumidification systems, Raw water piping to clean water piping, our experienced professionals can design and build complete piping and an air and ventilation system that meets your facility’s unique air vent requirements and piping requirements.

Some of our services in this domain are Piping, Sheet Metal Fabrication & Duct Installation, Exhaust and Hood Systems, Outside Air Systems, Air Filtration and Purification Systems, Dust Collection & Vacuum Systems, Humidification Systems, Dehumidification Systems and Retrofits or New Construction.